conditions treated at Regenerative Wellness clinic

Helping people with autoimmune disorders, aging and hormonal concerns, joint and skin issues, cancer, fatigue, or simply looking to live optimally with the most natural, least invasive, and least toxic therapies to treat illness and promote wellness

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conditions treated at
Regenerative Wellness clinic

Autoimmune disorders

nutritional challenges

Lyme Disease

gastrointestinal disorders


metabolic disorders

Hormonal issues

immune disorders

& More

After moving a couple of years ago it has been extremely difficult to find decent medical care. I had given up on traditional doctors as they do not seem to have any empathy or care. I have had only great experiences with naturopathic doctors and I am so happy that I found Dr Drain. He is resourceful, knowledgeable, truly caring, empathic, a great listener and he goes above any beyond to try to help you heal. For years I have been suffering and Dr Drain has helped me to get back to feeling SO much better. I couldn’t be more grateful.

— Dawn H.

get healthy, your way

At Regenerative Wellness Clinic, we believe you know your body and your health situation better than anyone.

After all, you’ve lived in your body your whole life.

We’ll take the time to learn about your specific health situation and advise you of treatment options and recommendations.

However, what you choose is ultimately up to you – we’re simply here to assist you and guide you on your health journey.

Get healthy on your own terms at Regenerative Wellness Clinic.

The Treatments You Want & Need

Whether you’ve been on a lifelong journey in search of healing or are just starting to face some serious health challenges, you’ve discovered the hope that naturopathic medicine offers.

Now you just need to decide which clinic to go to.

At our Southern California clinics, we offer a full range of therapies, from IV vitamins to platelet-rich plasma (PRP), NAD+, and bioidentical hormones, as well as naturopathic doctor consultations, blood tests, and more, all in a welcoming, calming, and caring environment.


Living healthfully doesn’t have to feel impossible or out of reach.

Like you, we believe optimal health is achievable, no matter the health problems you’re facing.

So, at Regenerative Wellness Clinic, our mission is simple:

Help you feel better so you can get your life back.

Three Simple Steps to a Healthier Life


Easily book your desired services online by clicking the button below, or give us a call at 619-755-5398 in San Diego.


One of our care providers will take the time to talk with you and administer your therapy.


You just want your life back – and that’s what our treatments are formulated to help you do.

Several specialists had no idea what was wrong with me. Dr. Drain took the time to listen and genuinely wanted to help. After running my micro-nutrient panels and seeing my specific deficiencies, we started on an IV regimen that gave me my life back. Within days, my pain and brain fog lifted.

— Jodi R.

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