Ultra-Violet Irradiation (UVI) Therapy

strengthen your immune system & improve overall health
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Benefits of UVI Therapy

Destroy fungal, viral, & bacterial growth

Improve circulation

IMprove youR body's ability to detoxify & remove toxins

What is Ultra-Violet Irradiation?

UVI Therapy is an innovative treatment from the turn of the 19th century before antibiotics were invented to help treat both acute and chronic conditions. 

A German innovation, Ultra-Violet Irradiation involves irradiation of the blood with ultra-violet light to treat blood-borne viruses and other conditions and is a non-toxic, drug-free therapy. 

UV light has been shown to have many therapeutic benefits, including: increasing oxygen absorption into body tissues; destroying fungal, viral, and bacterial growth; improving circulation; improving the body’s ability to detoxify; activating cortisone-like molecules, sterols, and vitamin D; and restoring normal size and movement of fat elements. 

I have seen a lot of doctors in my life, and Dr. Drain hands down surpasses them all. As a nutritionist, I know the importance of supplementation.  I went to Bryan when I had problems with my hormones.  I was exhausted and could barely function.  Bryan took me under his care, and my life has completely turned around.  I went from barely surviving to completely thriving again.  I can’t thank him enough.
Suzi D.

UVI Therapy is Great for People With



Type 1 Diabetes

Lyme Disease

MIcrobial Infections

Viral Diseases

What to Expect at Your UVI Therapy Appointment



Complete a health history form and visit
with one of our medical practitioners about your health situation and needs.


One of our health practitioners will inform
you of the process and administer the
treatment in our relaxing and calming

feel better

At the end of your treatment, we’ll give you
a few post-therapy recommendations, so
you can maximize the benefit of your

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